9 Acupressure Points for Diabetes Control - Liver Point (Foot Toe Point)

Liver Point (Foot Toe Point):


Liver Point (Foot Toe Point)

Liver Point is located on the foot between the Big Toe and Second Toe. You can find the Acupressure Liver Point exact between the Big Toe and Second Toe. Apply mild pressure on Liver Point as adverse round with clock (i.e. reverse circle). Massage the area for 3 minutes daily between Big Toe and Second Toe to get relief in depression, stress, emotional condition etc.

Please do not apply pressure or massage Liver Point if the patient is drained. Because Acupressure Liver Point for Diabetes can make the situation worse with a tired person.


Kidney Point (Inner Foot Point):

Kidney Point (Inner Foot Point)

Kidney Point is situated in inner side of Foot. Find Acupressure Kidney Point exact between the Ankle bone and Achilles muscle. Find the Kidney Point spot and apply pressure for 3 minutes every day. Applying regular pressure on Kidney Point will help you to improve the functioning and develop production of insulin in body.




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