7 Exercises You Have Been Doing Wrong - Weighted Side Bend

4. Weighted Side Bend


Weighted Side Bend

What is wrong and why: If you are doing a side bend carrying a weight in your hand, you are building an oblique muscle, which will ultimately give you an appearance of a thicker middle. And if you are doing that with dumbbells, then you are putting a stress on your lower spine and doing nothing for your sides indeed.

Rather: You can do woodchoppers with the help of your dumbbells because it's easier for your back and will also help slim down love handles. Hold the weight above your head with both the hands and then use your abs to lower it down and across your body.


5. Leg Extension

Leg Extension

What is wrong and why: Using this seated machine to lift your legs to lift the weight up and down will quickly stress your bones. It puts too much strain on your ankles and knees, which will trouble you in your old age.

Rather: Do squats either weighted or simple. Make sure to stand your legs closer together, with just the hip-width apart. This will help you to get lean legs.




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