6 Tips on How to Have a Healthy Morning - Set Multiple Alarms

2. Set Multiple Alarms:


Set Multiple Alarms

I’m extra panicky when it comes to getting up early since I know there’s a room of 40 people waiting for me at Equinox. I’ve only slept through class once in 10 years, and it still makes my heart race thinking about it. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, I set 4 alarms. My first line of defense is my coffee maker that has a loud grinder, this goes off around 5:30. Next up is my Jawbone UP band that starts vibrating at 5:35. Then it’s my iPhone alarm, chirping at 5:40 and 5:50, and finally, my old iPhone alarm that I keep as a backup that goes off at 5:50am. Call me crazy but I’m really nervous about sleeping through class! On the days that I don’t teach, with so many alarms going off, just pressing snooze is a serious wake up call and chances are one of these 4 alarms will force my butt out of bed (if you cohabitate, maybe you can figure out a better system then a series of loud grinding and buzzing sounds happening for 30 mins).


3. Make a Morning Plan:

Make a Morning Plan

You don’t have to be a fitness instructor to have a reason to get up in the morning. Make a plan with a workout buddy; even if you want to bail, you’ll probably feel guilty enough to not skip out on your friend. Having a friend depend on you will not only give you a reason to get up, you’ll also get to see a friendly face bright and early, kicking your day off on a good foot.




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